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Considering having your site hosted at RepublicCommando.Net? Here is a little information about what you can expect.

All hosted sites receive an amazing amount of resources in which their site can flourish. Each hosted site account will come with the following feautes:

  • RepublicCommando.Net subdomain, for example
  • Own domain can be linked to hosted website
  • Generous amount of webspace and bandwidth
  • CGI, PHP and MySql
  • Unlimited POP3 and email forwarding
  • Fully customizable sub-forum on
  • Technical support from LFNetwork

    RepublicCommando.Net is looking for specific web sites that deal with the Star Wars Republic Commando game. Everything from editing to humor has a chance of getting hosted. We are looking for professional sites that frequently update their content. We will not be hosting clan sites!

    If you are interested in this offering please contact us.

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