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This is my rifle, this is my gun...!


Some of you joined up just because you thought it would be fun to shoot bugs, but rest assured, we'll make you into a real soldier yet. I've seen too many recruites shoot themselves in the foot, or worse. These aren't the pop-gun toys you're used to. These are serious tools of death and destruction, the means to victory AND survival of both you and your squad. They are your lifeblood!

A trained soldier should know both his own weapons and the weapons of his enemy. Out in the field you won't have time to ask to see the owner's manual.

When you complete your training, you'll be Republic Commandos, the elite! But you won't be invincible one-man armies. You'll be limited to two firearms, and up to five of each of three portable explosives. If you want to use another weapon you'll have to ditch one. Efficiency, soldier!

Scan ahead to skip to a description of each weapon:

DC-17M (Blaster Attachment)

DC-17M Rifle with standard Blaster Attachment

This is the standard issue rifle of our forces and for good reason: it gets the job done! There's three possible attachments, but you'll find the blaster quite useful. While you can only carry a maximum of two weapons at a time, including attachments, this is a wise choice for a variety of situations.

Blaster pickup

Ammo Type: Plasma rounds
Ammo Count: 40 rounds per clip
Clip Count: 4 clips
Zoom: No.
Melee: Vibro Blade
Notes: Republic Standard Issue

DC-17M (Sniper Attachment)

DC-17M with Sniper Rifle Attachment

The second attachment to your standard rifle. With two levels of zoom, when you need to pop some enemy heads, this is your best friend.

Sniper Scope maximum zoom (level 2)

Scoped enemy targets will glow red, while allies will glow green. Remember: a scoped head shot is a one hit kill.

Sniper pickup

Ammo Type: Charged Plasma bolts
Ammo Count: 5 rounds per clip
Clip Count: 4 clips
Zoom: Yes. (2 level zoom scope, 10x/20x)
Melee: Vibro Blade
Notes: Republic weapon

DC-17M (Anti-Armor Attachment)

DC-17M with Anti-Armor Attachment

The third attachment to your standard rifle. This weapon's explosive ammo is very limited so use it wisely. Packs the power needed to punch through even the hardest infantry targets. Anything but a glancing blow from this gun is a one hit kill.

Anti-Armor pickup

Ammo Type: Explosive grenades
Ammo Count: 4 grenades
Clip Count: (grenade loaded after each shot)
Zoom: No.
Melee: Vibro Blade (fast)
Notes: Republic weapon

DC-15s Side Arm Blaster

DC-15s Side Arm Blaster pistol

Preferred sidearm of our Commandos and Trandoshans alike. Your basic blaster pistol, with the added bonus of a recharging unit, which prevents running out of ammo, though you will have to recharge it eventually (after 8 shots in a row). Ensures our troopers are never without something to shoot with. This is the lightest weapon you can carry.

DC-15s Pistol pickup

Ammo Type: Charged plasma bolts
Ammo Count: recharging (7-8 rounds/sec)
Clip Count: N/A
Zoom: No.
Melee: Pistol whip
Notes: Standard Issue

Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun ("Repeater")

ACP Repeater

This Trando sub-machine gun is useful for its high rate of fire, equalling our own DC-17m Blaster attachment. The ACP Gun is well represented in the Trandoshan forces. Don't discount its usefulness yourselves.

Repeater pickup

Ammo Type: Accelerated particle charges
Ammo Count: 40 rounds per clip
Clip Count: 4 clips
Zoom: No.
Melee: Vibro Blade
Notes: Trando Standard Issue

ACP Array Gun ("Shotgun")

ACP Array "shotgun"

A favorite Trandoshan enforcer weapon. Highly prized by certain hardcore Republic Commandos and kept "for close encounters."

Keep all the pellets on your target and you can earn yourself a one hit kill.

Array shotgun pickup

Ammo Type: Accelerated charge particle shells
Ammo Count: 8x8 particle charges per shot
Clip Count: 2 clips (8 shots per clip) + 1 clip (for total of 3, from second pickup)
Zoom: No.
Melee: Rifle butt
Notes: Trandoshan weapon

LJ-50 Concussion Rifle

LJ-50 Concussion Rifle

Don't let its ugly design fool you, this is a beast killer! Ammo count is low, but this heavy Trando gun packs a wallop, with a wide blast radius. The rifle butt has a shocking effect.

There is a slight delay between the gun firing and the expanding explosive effect. If this explosion hits the enemy dead on, it can be a one hit kill.

Concussion Rifle pickup

Ammo Type: Concussive charged rounds
Ammo Count: 5 rounds per clip
Clip Count: 2 clips
Zoom: No.
Melee: Rifle butt
Notes: Trandoshan weapon

LS-150 Heavy Repeater ("Trandoshan Repeater")

LS-150 Heavy Repeater

Now this is how to put some holes in the enemy! The heaviest machinegun you can carry on foot. Excellent rate of fire for mowing down hostiles, but slows down your movement and takes awhile to reload, so don't get too cocky.

If you run out of ammo, quickly run over another Heavy Repeater to restock it quicker. A final note, this gun has a nasty spike on the end, which, though slow, is great for melee attacks in a pinch.

Heavy Repeater pickup

Ammo Type: Accelerated charged particle heavy rounds
Ammo Count: 80 rounds per clip
Clip Count: 2 clips
Zoom: No.
Melee: Rifle butt (slow)
Notes: Trandoshan weapon

Wookiee Bowcastor ("Crossbow")

Wookiee Bowcastor

The famous Wookiee crossbow is surprisingly versatile, being the only other scoped weapon in your arsenal. In either mode (scope or not) it can charge up a fully powered blast in about 2.5 seconds. Its projectiles bounce off walls for those tricky corner shots. It might not seem as powerful as some of the other guns, but it can kill in 2-3 shots. A fully charged "impaler bolt" delivers a brutal electric shock to its victim and is great for headshots in scoped mode. And they aren't just called "impaler" bolts for nothing, they really bin their victims to the wall!

Note: Due to a bug, the host player of a non-dedicated server cannot see his own charge meter on the gun. Joining players can see their's though. Charge a full shot, then switch weapons without firing, then switch back, and you'll have a fully charged shot ready to fire.

Bowcastor scope view

Using this weapon you can charge it up, switch back and forth between scope and normal view, use the melee attack, as well as run around without using up ammo or losing your charge. As with the Sniper Rifle, scoped enemy targets will glow red, while allies glow green.

Those furry warriors don't mess around with their weapons, so treat it with respect.

Bowcastor pickup

Ammo Type: Energy bolts, Energized Impaler bolts
Ammo Count: 12 rounds
Clip Count: N/A
Zoom: Yes (scope, 1 level zoom)
Melee: Rifle butt
Notes: Wookiee weapon

Wookiee Guided Rocket Launcher

Wookiee Rocket Launcher

Another contribution from our arboreal allies. The heaviest of the Wookiee infantry weapons, it's slow firing but surpasses our own Anti-Armor capabilities, with the added bonus of a guided fire (locked on, hold the trigger while the crosshair is focused on the enemy and turns red) option. Another weighty weapon, this one will slow you down almost to walking speed.

You can run around with his weapon in lock on mode (hold down the trigger) so it's ready for action. Switching weapons lets you avoid releasing the warhead, and you won't waste any ammo. The large blast radius affords you the possibility of multiple kills with each shot. Locked on rockets (if the trigger is held down) can fire up to 5 locked on warheads for massive overkill.

Wookiee Rocket Launcher pickup

Ammo Type: Guided warhead tipped rockets
Ammo Count: 5 rockets
Clip Count: N/A
Zoom: No.
Melee: Rifle butt
Notes: Wookiee weapon

What are you standing around for soldier? Get to the firing range and practice!


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