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Tech and Gear

Out in the field, you need more than just your gun to succeed. Without proper equipment you'll find yourself in big trouble, so learn about your gear before you set out.

Scan ahead to skip to a description of each item:

Vibro Blade (Melee Weapon)

Vibroblade Melee weapon

When you get up close and personal with the enemy, you may find yourself going hand to hand. The Trandoshans are experienced in this area, and so should you be. The secondary function of all weapons is a melee strike. The Vibroblade is one used primarily with Republic Commando weapons.

After delivering the blow, the blade retracts into your sleeve

Used with all the DC-17m attachments and the Trandoshan Repeater. Speed varies slightly with the gun used (the Anti-Armor attachment has a rather fast Melee strike).

Does considerable damage at close range (aim for the head for a one hit kill), and can be done rapidly. Finishes off most foes in short order, and very stealthily.

If the blade isn't available you'll be rifle butting or pistol whipping, which varies with the gun used.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Here is what the HUD looks like for an Assault participant. Memorize what everything means beforehand. Your SO has better things to do than explain what that funny symbol in your helmet means when the sithspit hits the fan. An informed soldier is an effective soldier, an ignorant soldier is a dead one.

Thermal Detonators

Thermal Detonator pickup Thermal Detonator Inventory Display

Your standard bouncy explosive grenade. Leaves a bright red trail behind it to warn you a split second before it goes off. Better practice with some dummy grenades in our simulation program before you go blowing your own leg off (or worse, causing a friendly fire accident) on a mission.

Practice your grenade throwing in our training course. You'll notice that you can detonate live grenades with your other weapons, and even detonate two grenades in mid air against each other (I wouldn't advise doing this in your off duty time unless you want to end up in the disability ward).

You'll note that you can cycle through your available grenade types in your inventory. When doing so each grenade makes a distinctive sound when selected. Get to know these so you'll have to spend less time wondering what you've got in the heat of battle.

Standard Issue (you start with 2)
Max of 5

ElectroStatic Detonators (EC Grenades)

EC Grenade pickup EC Grenade Inventory Display

Leaves a blue trail behind it and makes an electrostatic explosion that gives anyone in the blast radius quite a shock, disorienting them. Look away from the blast, or you'll be eating your own after-effects.

If you're hit by an EC, get away as quickly as you can (try to see through the haze) because the blast radius will continue to do damage and cause shocking effects that drain your health and shields for several seconds. A single grenade will rarely kill unless you hang around. They're mostly used to disorient a group of enemies for easier pickings or to make a quick escape.

Two charges per pickup
Max of 5

Sonic Detonators

Sonic Detonator pickup Sonic Detonator Inventory Display

Sticks to walls, detonating over time or via proximety. You or your teammates can set them off too, so use with caution (listen for the distinctive clicking whirr they give off). Give your teammates a heads up warning in your helmet comm system before you cause a friendly fire accident.

Two charges per pickup
Max of 5

Bacta (bacta tank)

Bacta tank

This is the juice that keeps our Troops alive and killing on the battlefield. Heals you up to full simply be walking over it. There's limited Bacta out there, and the enemy knows it, so don't let him take advantage. Remember, carriers and wounded troops have priority over your scrapes and bruises. Step aside and let them get some relief first.

Know the location of Bacta drops in your area, or you could find yourself wounded without one. Timing the replenishment of Bacta tanks may be a good idea.

More intel coming soon...

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