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About the Clone Army

Formed in response to the Seperatist Threat by Executive Order of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, via the Emergency Powers granted him by the Galactic Senate, this Grand Army of the Republic is based on human Clones, produced through the efforts and exacting standards of the Kamino system.

The Republic's first officially sanctioned army, this Elite Force is built on Clones, however it is now supported by many other institutions and powers, such as the Order of Jedi Knights, the newly formed Republican Starfleet, various arms companies and manufacturing planets, and regular citizens who support us with their taxes and their voices. Alliances have been made with various factions that have become independant or defected from the Seperatist rebels, such as the Wookiees of Kashyyyk.

This is a very dangerous time for the Republic, and all resources are going towards defending this millennia old institution of government and civilization from all enemies, both from without and from within. As a member of this Grand Army of the Republic, you have chosen to embark on a grand adventure to rid the Galaxy of those who would seek to ruin all that we have accomplished. When you rise to the rank of Republic Commando, you will be the elite of the elite, our best hope for unity and peace.

Great Seal of the Galactic Republic

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