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Ten Hut!

Welcome to Boot Camp, Clones! Oh, you're not a Clone are you? You're an individual? Wrong! You're all the same to me, and you'll remain that way until you earn the right to be called Commandos. How is that going to happen? It'll happen when you pass the tests and show me that you've got the guts, the courage, and the determination to kill the enemy and survive everything he throws at you. There's a lot to learn before you can be ready for victory. You'll need to know how to do more than shoot tin cans with that piece you've got. You'll need to know how to use your helmet (and what's inside it) and most importantly you'll need to know how to keep your squad alive.

Fail this last and most important task and you might as well take yourself back to the labs for re-engineering!

Who am I? Before this latest war started I was fighting alongside (and against) Jedi Knights, even spending some time training at their Academy. I've toured the gladiator circuit in the Grand Tournament Deathmatch as well as a stint in the Arena Eternal. The guns may be new, but the outlines remain the same. I've got seven years of experience in the field fighting on dozens of different planets you've never heard of. I've been on the frontlines and seen what's out there, therefore I've been put in charge of making sure you've got the tools to become the best informed warriors you can be. The rest is up to you.

04/17/05 - Updated Basic and Weapons sections slightly.

I gave you an order, private!

Trandoshan Section

I see some lizards think they are ready for the elite corps? I will believe that when I see it. I may be hard but I am fair. I don't care what planet you come from, if you were hatched from an egg or grown in a lab; if you have skin, scales, fur, or jelly covering your bones. Until you prove yourselves you are all equally worthless. I hold you to the same standards I hold my Clone troopers. You work together, or you die alone. Learn your weapons, your gear, and your squad, and the glory will be your's.

Now get out that Datapad and let's review! [See the sidebar menu]

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